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P.R.C. Elettronica was established in 1978 as a Company operating in the field of industrial automation and remote control with capabilities of design, production, installation and maintenance of complex and reliable systems.
Since the 80ís years P.R.C. Elettronica extended the activities to the airfield applications, that has gradually become the core business of the company and the area of major expertise. This has brought to a new definition of the mission and organization of the company.

Nowadays the company includes engineers expert in hardware and software design, skilled technicians, draftsman, and maintenance electricians.
In the delivery of products and services, we always put the highest level of attention to quality, reliability and compliance with International Standards and Regulations.
Working closely with Universities and Standards Bodies ensures our products incorporate state-of-the art technology.

P.R.C. Elettronica S.r.l.
Via Liguria 2/31
20068 Peschiera Borromeo - Milan - Italy

P.IVA 12644410156
Tel. +39 02 55302665
Cod. SDI Fatturaz. El. WTHLGAQ

Certification CSQ 9115.PRC1
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